Rounding Model Variables to Fractions

Sometimes you need to round model variables to a specific fraction. For example cut stock may come in 1/8 or 1/4 or any other inch increment. I recently had a case

Fusion 360 Design Types

Timeline or Parametric Designs Fusion 360 offers designers multiple ways to model. Think of this like there are multiple ways to carve a statue. You can chisel and hammer it out of stone,

Default Units and Units Display

Settings for 3D Documents/Workspaces Fusion 360 can work In a variety of different units and even mixed units. To change units in a open document: * Go to the browser and scroll to

Fusion 360 selections when modeling

When you are working in Fusion 360 you may have not yet discovered how to change selections. Let's look at a great example to illustrate how you can manage selections. Change selections To