Default Units and Units Display

Settings for 3D Documents/Workspaces Fusion 360 can work In a variety of different units and even mixed units. To change units in a open document: * Go to the browser and scroll to

Setting up your 3DConnexion 3D mouse for Fusion 360

A 3DConnexion 3D mouse [] can be a great time saver and productivity boost. It allows seamless navigation

Fusion 360 for Android

Fusion 360's native applications allows viewing and collaborating on your Fusion 360 designs. Get it here: [

Move Fusion 360 distributed designs

Working with a distributed design is easy. Fusion 360 makes sure that you can extract and upload these design easily using s new archive called F3Z. Here is a detailed description on how

Planarize Tspline edge loops or vertices

As you layout TSpline faces and edges you might introduce some waviness. This makes sliding edges and moving edge loops harder than need be and can cause uneven surfaces. One tip to creating