Fusion 360 Scripts and Add-ins

Recent api scripts now on Github

Fusion 360 Scripts and Add-ins

I have been writing more and more tools using the Fusion 360's API. I use Python to extend the app in ways I need and am able to fumble my way through the development process.

In the last few weeks I have four new scripts.

Two export an assembly to popular graphing libraries. You can create mermaid or graphviz diagrams of the active assembly. This can be useful to visualize the assembly in new ways.  Get the code here:

  1. Export mermaid diagram repo
  2. Export graphviz diagram repo

Another script does what Inventor calles refresh and SolidWorks call reload. It closes the active document and reloads the latest version from the cloud.

This is very useful when working in a team and others are versioning the top assembly while you are working in-place in a sub component.  You can now quickly get the latest top assembly without having to close and then manually find and reopen the same document. Get the code here: Refresh Document repo.

Finally, there is a script that gives you some simple Assembly statistics repo. This includes unique parts and total parts count.

You can find all of these in my Github repos. Please fork, modify, discuss and send me pull requests.