Tips on Fusion 360 Performance

Tips on Fusion 360 Performance

Tips on Fusion 360 Performance

To get timely help with performance questions Please post to Fusion 360 support forum (Not Facebook Please). The Fusion support forum is here:

When posting, describe your issue as specific as you can. Please note if the performance problem is on all designs or only a single specific design. Include images of your data set. If you can attach a public share that is even better. Describe the feature you are using and details if the performance is in interactive graphics like zoom, pan rotate. Or, in data operations like save, open and get latest. Or in a specific operation like app launch, adding joints or inserting SVG. Lastly, post where you are using Fusion 360 in the world, you internet connection type and your computer specs.

Collect your logs and keep the log zip file handy. Once Autodesk support contacts you, email the logs to the support person directly.

Facebook and other non autodesk forum are great places to be among other Fusion users but the best place to get direct support is the Fusion 360 official support forum.

You can also try the following tips to help improve general performance in Fusion 360.


Several options should be change in preferences to help performance.

  • Graphics Driver set to DirectX 9 on Windows or Core Profile on OS X. On Windows ensure you have latest drivers.
  • Ensure low res graphics is enabled if running 4K.
  • Ensure Better Performance is selected for transparency effects.
  • Disable all  product analytics.

Graphics Effects:

Adjusting graphic effects can also reduce load on the GPU and improve graphics performance.

First we will disable the layout grid and the grid increment numbers.  By default Fusion 360 enables both.

The grid and numbers adds overhead to rendering the interactive viewport. In particular the text can burden some graphics cards. Disabling both the numbers and the grid will reduce rendering overhead and improve interactive viewing performance ( Pan/Zoom/Rotate ).

To disable the text select the grid settings in the view toolbar at the bottom of the viewport. Turn off Reference Numbers.

To disable the grid completely , turn off the Layout Grid in the grid settings menu.

  • Disable Graphics Effects. First disable: Object shadows and any analysis styles. Additionally try disabling Ambient occlusion. Finally try disabling Antialiasing.
  • Set Visual style to Shaded or Shaded With Edges. Avoid any hidden edge styles.
  • Disable split view if you have it enabled.


Disable screencast screen recorder. Either uninstall, or compress the executable to temporarily prevent fusion from finding the exe or app.


Disable all Add-ins, and ensure they are not set to run at startup.

login State:

If running in Offline mode, switch back to online. Log out and back in to refresh your login credentials and entitlements. This step my not improve performance directly but can help refresh options and login credentials state.

Data set specific tips:

The following tips may help specific datasets rather than general application performance. These may help if you find performance issues isolated to a specific design.

  • Repair all yellow and red features.
  • If there are many ground and capture position features this is a sign of confusion on best practices on Fusion 360 assembly modeling. It would be advised to remove unneeded capture positions and rework your design to remove ground features. Grounds should typical be replaced with In-Position joints between the component and its parent.
  • Remove all capture positions unless they are needed for modeling with components in different positions.
  • Models that are the result of mesh to BREP should be remodeled if at all possible
  • Large sketches with hundreds of entities or more should be broken in to smaller sketches and separated into additional features.

Please understand SVGs with hundreds of entities or mesh to BREP models are much heavier and taxing than well modeled design created from scratch. Some performance degradation is expected.