Marking menu gestures

Marking menu gestures

Using the right click menu in Fusion 360 brings up a context menu. This menu is divided into two sections. At the bottom is a classic context menu. At the top is a radial menu called a marking menu.


We will focus on the marking menu and ways to use it to speed up access to common commands.

The marking menu is divided into pie shaped sections plus an invisible area at the center. This images shows the hot-spot areas as an overlay with the wedge areas.


After right mouse clicking you can move your cursor and a wedge will highlight different parts. If you move your cursor towards the center the wedge highlight will disappear. Clicking in this center area will dismiss the right click menu.

Some wedges show a down arrow after the text. This means there is a nested radial menu under this wedge

Hovering over this wedge will expand the wedge. To return to the parent wedge, simply hover over over the up arrow that appears next to the new radial menu.


When interacting with the radial marking menu you can right mouse click, pause a micro second to see the context and radial menu appears. Then navigate and make your command choice.

A faster approach is to gesture by quickly moving as you right mouse click. By immediately moving you can shortcut the menu and mark the command you want. Here we show slowly moving and marking to start the modeling press pull command then then to cancel it


As you memorize commands in wedge positions this can be come second nature. Undo, Redo, Command Cancel or OK and repeat last command are always in the same place.


Marks also work for nested menus. Simply move to the wedge with the nested menu and then move to the command in the nested menu you desire. For example, in the modeling workspace, sketch nested menu is down or 6 O'Clock. Circle is upper-left or 11 O'Clock. A gesture for circle would be a quick down then upper-left.


The marking menu is different for each workspace and provides access to common tools for each. Over time marking can become a powerful way to access common tools without having to move to toolbars or menus.





Render is such a limited tool set that no marking menu is provided.




Marking menus are not customizable. Since their efficiency is based on consistent command position and the ability to memorize them it makes sense. If you want access to custom menus, look at using Fusion 360's "S" key.

Hopefully this helps unlock the potential in marking menus and makes it faster and easier for you to access common tools.