Fusion 360 Scripts now on Github

Fusion 360 Scripts now on Github

Git hub is a great tool for social collaboration. The Fusion 360 team has created a resources page that links to a hand-full of Autodesk and user authored scripts.

Github is great as it allows anyone to fork (copy) a codebase and modify it. Modification can live as a new derivative work or you can ask the original code owner to pull your changes (pull request) and incorporate them into the source codebase.

There is a lot more to Github but having a community go around scripting in Fusion 360 is nothing but good news.

There are several pretty cool scripts that I can see you using often. Some favorites:

  • Sketch checker highlights open line endpoints. Helps find the gap in a profile that is preventing a closed region from being found.
  • Paramater IO Allows you to write our parameters to a CSV file, edit them in a spreadsheet tool of your choice and then read them back in to edit the model.
  • Change Paramaters Makes editing user parameters easy. I plan of forking this and changing it to be used to edit favorites.

Go check it out and start polishing your javascript or python coding skills.

Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider

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