Changing the ownership of your first sketch

Sometimes I’m so eager to get started on a design that I create a sketch and place it on the origin and get right too it.

Once I’m ready to extrude I realize #$!!%, this needs to be in a component not at the root of the assembly.

There is an easy way to fix this.

  • In the browser, right mouse click on the root and choose Create a component.
  • In the timeline, drag the create component feature before the sketch.
  • Lastly drag and drop the sketch into the component.

Note: for this to work, the sketch can not have any downstream feature dependencies.

Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider

Passion for travel, making, engineering and all things design. 10 years working as a design engineer & 18 at Autodesk working on design software. Opinions and content are my own.
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