Autodesk Screencast

Autodesk Screencast

Many of the tutorials and tips on this site are recorded using Autodesk's Screencast tools.

Screencasts capture the video and commands used in the workflow. You can search and scrub through the commands used making t ease to follow along and learn.

Here is an example cast on T-Splines autohored by Danny from the Fusion 360 Community.

To create a screencast:

  1. Visit the screencast site.
  2. Extract the download and install or copy to your applications directory
  3. Launch the screencast recorder
  4. Click the Sign In log in with your Autodesk identity.
  5. The Screen recorder UI will then appear.
    Note: In the task tray or the command bar that there is a recording icon for easy access to the UI when screencast recorder is active.
  6. Go ahead and close Screencast recorder
  7. When you next launch Fusion 360 you will note a recording icon will also appear next to the help button.
  8. Click the record button
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