Email is often the easiest way to communicate in the road. Unfortunately email is transient and decisions and information in email can get lost.

Fusion 360 lets you use email but it can capture that email in your projects and comments. Here is how.

Post to project

Say you want to add some spec sheets from the customer site to your project. Your team has been waiting and the just showed up in your in box...

You can post these to your project using email. Every Fusion 360 project had its own email address. To find it open and sign in. From the projects "Tab," navigate to the project you want to work with. In the top left of the project page there is a gear icon with a menu for settings.

Project menu

Right at the bottom is a link, "Post by email."

Project email menu

Select this link to bring up the email information.

Project email

Copy the email address. Fire up your email or contacts app and create a new contact. I name mine for the project, "Project XXX," for example.

Now, anytime we want information in email to be captured in the project, we just add the project email address to the bcc line. Using bcc prevents replies from also posting. If you want to capture replies then just use the, "To," or, "cc," lined for the project email address.

You can include images and html formatted text in your email. I suggest removing any signatures since these two will appear in the post.